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Muscovite Mica Properties

Physical properties of Muscovite Mica

Properties Units
BS 3483 100g Mica
Effect by common acids Slight
Hardness (moh's scale) 2.5
Index of refraction 1.58
Softening Point 2800oF
Oil absorbtion 60-90 g/oil
Specific gravity 2.82
Water soluble Not more
BS 1765 Then 0.5%
pH value (BS 3483) 7.7
Phericity factor 0.01
pH for distilled water 5.2
Character White, often sheds tiny flakes
Lustre Pearly to vitreous
Appearance Transparent to translucent

Technical Properties of Muscovite Mica

Properties Units Muscovite
Thermal conductivity perpendicular to cleavage plane About 0.0013, About 0.13
Thermal conductivity parallel to cleavage plane ---
Water of Constitution % --- 4.5
Moisture Absorption --- Very low
Volume Resistivity 25o(77oF) ohm cm 40 x 1013-2 x 1017
Acid Reaction --- Affected by hydrofluoric acid
Insulation Resistance x1013ohm/cm 4-20000
Calcining temp oC 700-800
Max. operating temp oC 500-600
Tensile strength MN/m2 175
Shear strength MN/m2 175
Compression Strength MN/m2 220-270
Modulus of Elasticity Kgfcm2 x 10-3 Ibf/in2 x 10-3 1400 - 2100, 20-30
Loss tangent x10-4 1-4
Permittivity at 15oC(60oF) --- 6-7

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