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Offering premium quality and high temperature resistant silicone bonded mica parts, mica sheets, mica scrap, mica tube, mica flakes etc.
About Us

M.P. MICA ENTERPRISES PVT LTD, has been incorporated in the year 1988 with a vision to feed India's growing market for Mica sheets and to process high quality Mica Scrap, White Mica Scrap for the manufacture of mica paper globally. We are an Exporter, Manufacturer, Importer, Supplier and Trader in this business line.

India, being put on the world map in the  early 90's for rapid growth in manufacturing, needs a reliable source for Insulation, and we, at M.P. MICA, has been taking it seriously since then.

The company has built a dealer and distributor network throughout the whole Indian market to feed the insulation sector using mica sheets/mica plates. We also fabricate/ design and make parts for the Insulation Industries, heating element manufacturer, home appliance manufacturer.

India is the only source of high quality, high yield and low price Muscovite Mica, which makes most of the global mica paper manufacturers come to India. M.P. MICA ENTERPRISES PVT LTD, entered in the export of various qualities of Muscovite Mica for the manufacture of mica paper, which further is being used in making mica plates and mica tapes.

The company has own processing warehouses for mica scrap and is well controlled by experts who take care of the qualities and standard of each customers., for further growth of Muscovite Mica business and to continue and be a regular supplier with quality assurance, the company acquired  mica mines in the state of Rajasthan.

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